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Newborn safety, composites

You might see some of my posts use the wording “this is a composite” What does it mean? “Compositing” is a very popular technique used by responsible newborn photographers. We should ensure the babies are safe at all times. When I’m taking photos—often several meters away—I can't respond to baby’s sudden movements. Having a parent within arms reach /next to the baby/ or with protective hands on the baby guarantee their constant safety. If they are being posed in a position they wouldn’t naturally take up, they need support. When I edit these photos I open up both images and merge them together or remove your supporting hands from the final image. The result? A picture with an illusion of a newborn baby sweetly posing all on their own.

My new Sitter package

A sitter session is created for babies who can sit up unassisted but not walk yet. Generally between 6 and 10 months of age. This is an amazing time for portraits as your baby’s personality is really shining through and they are putting on lots of fun facial expressions! They are becoming incredibly curious, adorably playful and very smiley! These sessions take place at my Telford studio. Parents are simply fall in love with the photographs we get from their baby’s sitter session so I’m not surprised why these sessions are so popular.

Cake Smash

Cake smash sessions are the perfect way to capture and celebrate your child's 1st or 2nd birthday. Watch your little one explore new tastes and textures as they tuck into a large homemade cupcake and we can capture your child’s personality for a lifetime. First we take a few photos in a nice outfit. For the second half of your session I will take pictures of your little one eating, smashing, making a mess! I will follow babies lead. If they want to take a break that is what we will do. Cake, and decorations are provided by me and are included in the session fee.

Painterly Style Fine Art sessions

Painterly style Fine Art Sessions have stolen my heart. These unique portraits, art pieces can be the centrepieces of our home that never get old. These images carry breathtaking details, contrast and colour depth.