Do you take newborn style photos of my baby when he/she is older than a month?

Currently don’t offer packages for babies when they are older than 1 but younger than 3 months old. As they get older they begin to spread out their sleeping more and more, and often sleep less soundly.  They also tend to lose that sweet new baby curliness and it gets more difficult to achieve baby poses without being swaddled. When babies are older than 12 weeks I recommend my family package for babies or the whole family.

Is there any hidden fees?

There are only two additional fees that may come up for your session.  They are as follows:

1. Shipping fee: I charge it when the customers order the premium quality prints, canvas or high gloss panel.  The amount depends on the size.

2. Travel Fee: we do our best to keep our prices low but will need to charge a specified travel fee if your session location is your home or when you book a family/maternity package.

What does “print release” mean?

Print release allows you unlimited printing of your photos for personal use at home (while the photographer retain the rights to all images). It also allows posting of files on your social media and keeping the digital files forever but it’s not transferable. The clients must not alter, ‘photoshop’, or change the pictures in any way, shape or form.